Mother's Love Coin 2018

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     8 March 2014

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We humans can learn a lot of things about life by observing animals. Even fierce ones. Our hearts break when we see on our screen a wild lioness chasing a young gazelle, running for survival. After a long chase, the lioness finally bites the young gazelle. The killing scene is often hidden by the dust that rises from the ground of the savannah, but when it fades we can see the lioness taking the meat to her den, to feed her cubs. This unexpected ending comforts us, sweetens our first impressions and gives a meaning to nature’s cruelty.
Because it shows us that great, eternal, pure love, as only the one of a mother to her children can be.
This love doesn’t break. It doesn’t fade. It’s a lifetime, instinctive, absolute love. We chose to celebrate this magical love through the images of some mothers and their children.