Mother's Love Coin 2008

2008 Lion, designed by Christian R. Lassen ©

GOLD 999.9

Face valueSizeAlloyWeightIssue limit
$ 412 mmgold1/30 oz
$ 516 mm
gold1/20 oz
$ 1020 mm
gold1/10 oz


Face valueSizeAlloyWeightIssue limit
c 50
20 mm
silver1/10 oz

Christian Riese LassenArtist
Artist Christian Riese Lassen has been recognized the world over for more than 20 years for his unique art and vision. Regarded as the premier marine artist of our time, his majestic paintings inspire appreciation and awareness of Mother Earth. Raised on the island of Maui, the self taught artist and avid surfer found his original influence in nature and from the ocean and has translated this intimate knowledge into enchanting and popular works of art that have brought us closer to marine life than ever before.
Christian Riese Lassen’s super-realistic series of marine paintings, featuring whales, dolphins and fish seen both above and below the ocean's surface are stunning "multi-environmental" paintings. The "Two Worlds" style is an eloquent statement about the interconnection of the Earth's bio-systems and made the artist internationally famous almost overnight.

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