Mother's Love Coin 2014

2014 Teddy Bear, designed by Robert Elderton

GOLD 999.9

Face valueSizeAlloyWeightIssue limit
$ 412 mm
gold1/30 oz
$ 516 mm
gold1/20 oz

Robert EldertonCoin Designer
Robert Elderton was born in Plaistow, London, in 1948. He took art classes at Lister Technical School in Plaistow. In 1964 he was accepted into an apprenticeship at the Royal Mint, which in those days was based at Tower Hill, London. During his apprenticeship, he studied art and silversmithing, first at the Central School of Art and Design, then at the Sir John Cass College of Art. After his apprenticeship, he worked in the Royal Mint’s engraving department, assisting top numismatic sculptors and artists such as Arnold Machin, Richard Guyatt and Leslie Durbin.

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